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I know there are a number of sources for tile images, but I happen to like mine better so I am making them available. I realize people have different criteria, but my goal is to be able to generate production-ready Postscript output for the tiles.

Here are tile images for many 18xx tiles. These are based on Marco Rocci's tile dictionary, and are generated with few tweaks to that data. Many thanks to Marco, both for the tile descriptions and for sharing the rendering algorithm in TileDesigner. There are a few glitches remaining on some particularly crowded tiles, but overall I am very happy with the result.

The tiles are generated in PostScript, which is then rendered in two sizes into PNG images. Clicking on the larger image will get you the actual EPS version of the tile, which is scalable and can be imported into your favorite drawing program.

I will eventually have the program automatically generate tile sheets for a given game (including tile sheets ready for a die cutter), and I hope to extend it to be able to draw complete ready-to-print maps as well. I will release the source code (all in perl) once a few things are cleaned up.

I can also provide laminated and die-cut tiles upon request for $1.50/page as long as I don't have to do a lot of work creating the tile definitions -- if that is the case, I will have to charge a small setup fee. Each page has 24 tiles in 4 columns of 6, and due to the way the die cutter works each column has to be a single color or else a tile slot is wasted for each color change (as is also the case for tiles that don't have either track or empty background on every hex-side, such as 6-city tiles). They are printed on 110#/200gsm cardstock and laminated with 5mil/125-micron matte-finish laminate.

Note: these tile images are a bit out of date -- I am working on building a database of all known tiles. When that is done, I will regenerate all these images with the correct orientation and provide a cross-reference by game.

Please let me know if you see any errors here, or if you have some tile definitions I don't have.